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Honey-Cocoa Gingerbread

with no ginger !

I remember being little and not being able to appreciate spiced cakes and cookies, so what better way to re-live my childhood than to create pretty "gingerbreads" of my dreams! There are 2 variations to these honey-cocoa gingy recipes, one with a more prominent Honey flavour and the other with a more prominent Cocoa flavour depending on your preferences! Have a try and let me know what you think :)

Happy baking!



Christmas Forest Pavlova

Inspired by my "Surprise Christmas Pavlovas", I decided to do a larger version for those who may prefer serving one big dessert over Christmas or any special occasion. They are "Reverse Pavlovas" for the obvious reason that the Fruit Filling is hidden inside these perfectly crisp outer shell with a marshmellowy centre. Design this any way you like for the perfect show-stopping dessert! Happy baking!



Fool-proof (plus proper lamination)

Fool-proof crunchy crunch, highly addictive and surprisingly easy to make! Making the dough literally takes 5minutes, majority of time is spent just letting the dough rest and proof after rolling. This only lasted 2 days in my house, and lucky for us, it's not too difficult to accomplish again and again if you enjoy some peace, rolling them out can be quite therapeutic in my opinion. :) Happy baking!



Easy-peasy recipe

Pavlovas are strikingly similar to meringues, except they have cornflour (aka cornstarch) added to them for a marshmellowy centre. Instead of having the sweetened whipped cream and fresh fruits on top, we are hiding them inside these Christmas trees! Never been done before and you're seeing it here first! :) Happy baking friends!

Thank you so much for your kind support!

Hope you enjoy these recipes!

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